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Geothermal or ground source heat pumps have been in use for decades.
The heat pump uses the energy of the sun stored in the earth to keep your home comfortable all year round.

The temperature beneath the frost line only a few meters under the surface of the ground rarely changes no matter how hot or cold the air temperature gets. Since this is the area that the geothermal heat pump works, it means that geothermal technology does not suffer during extreme temperature fluctuations. This is what makes geothermal heat pumps some of the most energy efficient heating and cooling systems around.

A series of pipes buried in the ground circulate an ethanol solution through them. This solution absorbs heat from the ground and the warmed up solution is pumped back through the geothermal unit in your home. In the summer this process is reversed. The warm fluid in the pipes is circulated underground and is cooled as the pipes exchange heat with the cooler earth. The cooled solution is then used to cool your home.

We have a team of design and installation professionals who are accredited with the Canadian GeoExchange Coalition. The Coalition requires proof of training, qualifications, adequate insurance, and positive customer references prior to granting certification.

Let our team of fully accredited design professionals assist you in choosing and installing the system that is right for you.